Friday, April 14 2017

Major Player, Eugene Gallagher, Western Estates, Zoo Front, The Modifieds

Presented by: The Space

Doors: 7:00 PM
Tickets: $12.00 / $10.00 ADV
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Major Player, Eugene Gallagher, Western Estates,  Zoo Front, The Modifieds

Major Player

Major Player is the brainchild of songwriter instrumentalist Jeffrey York. A native-born Upstate New Yorker who has spent a decade writing in the indie rock vein, with influences that span Pop, Rock Hip-hop and R&B.

A cast of Syracuse NY musicians, Major Player consists of Jeff York on vocals and guitar, backed by Liz Strodel on drums, Andrew Greacen on bass and Nick Mazzeo on Hammond organ, electric piano and synthesizer.

Major Player grounded itself in the early collaborations of Jeff York and Liz Strodel. What began as an experiment in hip-hop beat-making transformed into an indie project rooted in the art of sampling.

The debut album “Extended Play” is deliberate in its simplicity and brilliant in his use of repetition and overlapping layers to lead the listener through climactic points of each song. Intentionally lo-fi, introspective and moody, there is a kind of anticipation and patient building that takes place within the rhythmic structure of these tunes.

With lyrics that explore the shadowy faces of love and age, “Extended Play” maintains a pop driven focus, while delivering dark creative melodies and catchy vocal hooks. The lyrical content and delivery will draw you in and keep you listening for answers as the music grows from unanswered questions.

Eugene Gallagher

singer songwriter Eugene Gallagher is a solo performer that plays tricked out, acoustic indie rock with lots of effects, heart, and electronic instruments. While beating his acoustic guitar into a thunderous bass drum, stomping on guitar effects pedals, and playing multiple synthesizers on stage, Eugene explores feeling and sound deliberately and unpredictably. A husband, father, and hard working average joe, Eugene creates relatable art that makes you feel good.

Eugene draws inspiration from personal experiences and overcoming misfortune. After losing his home and business in the recession, Eugene and his family endured incredible hardship. Determined to provide, Eugene trudged on. Acoustic guitar and harmonica in tow, the modern troubadour makes hopeful music to quell the calamity of everyday life.

Western Estates

Presently writing and recording in Southern Connecticut, Western Estates is an embryonic combination of new and old friends playing tuneful rock sparkling with creativity and a dash of prog for good measure. Featuring a stunningly sweet female vocalist and 3 guys trying to change the number of the beast to 06518, Western Estates invites you to their universe.

Laura Klein (MZT), Glenn Furst (various local projects), Matt Cranmer (Codename Stella), and Jarrod Ruby (x-Thirdborder, AM, Proton Proton, Doug Gillard [Guided By Voices]) came together last fall to challenge themselves to create a sound grounded in rock yet constantly reaching towards an eclectic variety of influences.

Each member has a unique musical background and multiple musical talents, which you can hear in the songwriting. Their songs range from romantic duets about carnival rides to stoner-rock odes to murder and mayhem, revenge-ballads to wistfully temporal love songs, all while maintaining their roots in garage-rock.

Their music is accessible without ever quite fitting a formula. It is catchy without being repetitive, melodic without being generic, and surprising without being off-putting.

Western Estates is constantly developing new music and incorporating different instruments to their oeuvre. Catch them playing shows around CT and NY.

Zoo Front