Band Information

General Booking Information

We book via email. It is hard to book small touring bands, but we give it our best shot. Small market, limited amount of locals–that makes booking small tour acts rough. If we have room on existing shows, we will post that on the website individual show listings. If a show is listed on the calendar and does not say “Openings for additional bands”, then assume the show is full.  You cannot talk your way onto a full show, or buy your way onto a full show.

We NEVER make bands buy onto any shows, whether it is trickery like making a band responsible for selling a certain amount of tickets or just flat out making bands buy onto big shows. That is a disgusting practice, done by promoters who have no interest in nurturing their scene, only in stripping it of all its resources.

* If you are a smaller local band, we will discuss the option of sending you pre-sale tickets, but those are only to help you learn how to properly promote your band and reach out to fans!

When you email us, PLEASE, include dates you are interested in, links to your music (Facebook, Soundcloud, etc), videos, and a brief band description with comparisons (“We’re a punk band” could mean Dead Kennedys or The Wonder Years — tell us some bands you sound like).

We are an all-ages venue, and weekday shows are usually early.  That means load in can be as early as 4pm, and is always before 6pm.  If your band cannot make a load-in time like that, please do not contact us about playing on weekday shows.

WE DO NOT BOOK COVER BANDS. THIS IS AN ORIGINAL MUSIC VENUE. If you are in a cover band and need recommendations for local venues, we will try to help you, but we will not book you.

Email for booking and other inquiries:

Before the Show

Please send high resolution versions of your most recent band photo, logo, etc., to with “Booked” in the subject line.  Once the show is completely booked, we will get posters designed, and get digital copies to you.  If you are a local or close-regional band, and you want hard copies of the posters TO HANG UP IN YOUR TOWN, we will send them to you.  On the day of the gig, we will have posters for your personal use, please do not waste the posters we send you.

Make sure that only ONE band member is contacting the venue, ever.  The single most annoying thing a band can do with a venue is when 2 or 3 or 4 band members all send email messages, facebook messages, etc., asking the same questions.

Don’t book another gig in town within 2 weeks on either side of your gig here. Your gig should be an “event” for your fans, not a weekly routine.  Limiting the amount of shows you do will make each show an event.

Load in time will be determined about a week before the show, but assume 1.5 hours before doors.  If you have not heard from us 7 days before the show, contact us at the booking email, with “Load In Time” in the subject line.  Arrive ON TIME for load-in. Best to get to the city early, then get to the venue on time.  There are some great musical instrument stores in town, a great record store, dozens of excellent places to eat, etc.

If you have promotional materials that you would like us to use prior to your show, feel free to mail them to The Space 295 Treadwell ST, Hamden Ct 06514. These could include posters with your CD art, or download cards for us to hand out to concertgoers, burned Cds, actual Cds, postcards, etc.  Anything that you want us to get to our customers prior to your show is welcome.

At the Show

  • Be professional on and off stage.
  • Take it seriously. All of the other bands are.
  • Please set up and break down your equipment in a timely fashion so as to not push back the show.
  • Most importantly, HAVE FUN!

Merch Person

Although we firmly believe that any band that is not a legitimate national touring band should be at their merch table every moment possible, meeting people, befriending people, and moving merch, we DO allow one merch person per band.  But still — you’re trying to connect with new fans. Do you think your buddy/girlfriend, sitting there staring into his/her phone instead of engaging potential new fans, is really helping you? That person sitting at your merch table does NOT care about your band as much as you do.  YOU care more than anyone else, and you should be at that table.

After your Set

Please load out your equipment in a timely fashion and not spend too much time hanging around in the venue talking to friends / fans / that hottie that was giving you eyes during your set.

After the Show

Yes, everyone needs to market / network / promote to gain new fans and friends. However, if you see the house lights come on; take that as a sign that it is time to wrap up. While we are a music venue / club, it is still a job and our staff is trying to go home to their loved ones.

If you have any further questions / comments / concerns please contact us at